Sunday, January 29, 2012

LAVIDA MISSION, missionary/project coordinator

Dolores is the new missionary/projects coordinator, I am interested in helping, am sending this on to the different ones on my e-list to see if you or your church might be interested in getting involved in this new project. I have made up this flier/ plus a poster for the Loveland Church, that I need to get photoed and sent to my computer for her so that she can see what it looks like. Below is her words and my rewording/adjusting to meet the need.



Dolores Costello-Stabler
;missionary/project coordinator, for Lavida Mission.

Lavida is moving into a growth spurt and part of my job is to help develop new ideas and find the right people.

Just came in from playing on the playground. My thoughts? How to protect the little ones in our care from our greatest enemy? The needs here are simple and direct.
I am in need of donations for a very specific project. I am putting together a small store with really cool things the kids can buy. Instead of money they work certain hours or projects to receive the item they put on layaway.

Simple and direct.

Some kids have an eye for architecture, some for art, some for writing. I need music boxes and such.
Some needs: new nice things that kids would work for.

Lego sets, erector sets (for my builders),
Music boxes for the girls.
Some bath and body stuff for the older girls,
Oils, charcoals and pencils for the serious artists.
The goal is to fill the store (even if it is one wall) with things that they would be willing to work for because it is their personal interest. age group K-8.

If you so desire to send a donation just earmark it for Dolores' kids store needs. I will be posting pics and the goal is to teach them the business side of life plus we get some much needed help. Not everything is given to you.

The Address for packages:
LaVida Mission/Lake Valley Area
700 County Road 7730
Crown point, NM 87313

Mailing Address
PO Box 3308.
Farmington, NM 87499

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